Think twice before they harass fellow students

Bullying is like being blindsided by a car. It can happen to anyone and sometimes out of nowhere. However it is much more common on school grounds where children play. Although bullying has been around for ages it seems to be getting worse over the years. There are various methods that can be implemented to stop bullying in schools and provide children with a safe environment to learn free of harassment. Finding ways on how to stop bullying can be difficult at times. Below are some great tips that can be used by parents and teachers to protect their students from bullies.

Lay Down Firm Ground Rules

First schools must take the necessary steps to insure that anti-bullying ground rules are laid out clearly in the school. Every student in the school should understand the rules and consequences if they do not respect the guidelines outlined in the policy. Teachers and adults often command respect from bullies. Therefore, by enforcing the schools bullying policy it will make the bully think twice before they harass fellow students. The sad thing is not many schools have adopted a  how to stop bullying policy in their classrooms.

Make The Bully Accountable For Their Actions

As soon as the anti-bullying policy goes into effect at a school, the next plan of action is to find out how to stop bullying. Therefore the policy must provide stern punishment for children who engage in bullying behavior at school. This will cause bullies to step back and think about their actions before they act out. Punishment can range from suspension, loss of privileges to partake in school activities, or expulsion from school. By handing out harsh disciplinary action, bullies will hopefully begin to understand what they did wrong.

Get Parents and School Counselors Involved

The next step in learning how to deal with bullies in schools is to involve the parents of the bully and counselors in order to get them the help they need. The majority of bullies pick on those they perceive to be an easy target. This behavior can possibly be manifested from something that is occurring in their personal life. Getting parents and counselors involved can help them find out the actual cause of the problem. As a result, the bully can get proper counseling to deal with their issues. Hopefully in the end this will solve their desire to bully others. Bullying exists in all societies especially in schools around the world.

By learning how to stop bullying, schools need to develop the guidelines mentioned above and create an environment where students understand that bullying is unacceptable. Doing so will create an encouraging learning environment where all students feel safe and welcomed every day.

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